Saturday, February 23, 2008


LABEL SIGNINGS UPDATE -- Matt Wertz has signed with Universal/Republic ...This is old news, but Marc Broussard is releasing his new EP through Atlantic ...Thieves And Villains sign with Victory ...Finnish folksters Real Ones signed with Warner Music Norway ...San Diego's We Shot The Moon have signed with The Militia Group the world of metttalllll, Pittsburgh's Hero Destroyed has signed with Relapse ...Medeia inks with Fullsteam Records ...Metalcore act Century have signed with Prosthetic ...experimental act Pyramids have signed with Hydrahead

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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Feb 28 -- AM, Simon Lynge, Meiko, Kelly Dalton, NK Band, Low Stars -- Knitting Factory
Feb 28 -- Fleet Foxes -- Troubadour
Mar 3 -- The Airborne Toxic Event --Troubadour
Mar 7 -- The Jakes, Billy Boy On Poison -- Roxy
Mar 20 -- The Answer, Carlotta -- Viper Room

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CLEAR CHANNEL PULLS THE PLUG ON SOME HD RADIO STATIONS -- After conducting a survey of 340 HD2 stations to determine their programming needs, the folks at Clear Channel have dumped a number of their HD 'Format Lab' stations due to a lack of demand. According to the Clear Channel Format Lab website, 46 HD stations are left to carry, including stations with names including "Standing Room Only Showtunes" (Broadway, theatrical and movie musical selections), "Pride Radio" (a channel for the Gay community), "JokeJoke" (all comedy, all the time) and "Wack Comedy" (Seriously. It's called "Wack Comedy").
UNJUST (unsigned, unpublished, no management) -- Bay Area rockers Unjust have been around for almost a decade and we've been following their slooooooooooow but steady progress for a few years now. Their last album, 2003's Glow, garnered some solid specialty radio airplay across the U.S. on commercial Alternative stations (in fact hometown Alt-outlet Live 105 has been and continues to be a strong supporter), and was released on ultra-indie Koolarrow Records (owned by Faith No More bassist Billy Gould). The album featured hooky melodic Alt-rock -- think of them as the best songs the Deftones never wrote.

Their new offering, To Lose A Name, picks up where they left off with Glow, but with 'kicked-up' guitar riffs, super-big production and angst-riddled vocals. This one was built for folks who wish My Chemical Romance wore less makeup, Muse was less British, Dredg had some hits and Mike Patton hadn't fallen completely off his rocker. Peep the song "It's Not Enough." Ready-made for KROQ, ready-made for BBC One. Quick, get Kevin Weatherly and Zane Lowe on the horn!