Tuesday, February 20, 2007

EVERYTHING IS ENERGY (unsigned, unpublished) -- Everything Is Energy is the newly-named project from an L.A.-based four-piece formed and fronted by Chris Shinn (former singer for the now-defunct Unified Theory). Very VERY cool stuff here, produced by Krish Sharma (Perry Farrell, Rolling Stones). The group was using the name The Sound I Saw for a few months, but have since changed it. What're they like sonically? Take some Sunny Day Real Estate, a hunk of Jane's Addiction and some sliced up Remy Zero and throw it into a great big blender. Add the zest of Queens Of The Stone Age, one copy of the Unified Theory self-titled album and the Singles soundtrack. Hit the 'grind' button. Leave the mixture chunky, and you'll have an idea. Sorry. Watching the Food Network while writing. Everything Is Energy is performing in Los Angeles at The Derby tomorrow night (2/21) at 8:30.