Thursday, March 8, 2007

(unsigned outside of mainland Europe, unpublished) -- In our honest opinion, Andrew Paul Woodworth is one of the most intense male vocalists we've EVER come across. Watching him live, you don't know if he's about to jump offstage and rip your face off -- or curl up into the fetal position and have a nervous breakdown onstage. Seriously. The live shows leave you breathless. His full band consists of a drummer, bassist, slide guitarist, keyboardist, cellist and sax player. Quite a set-up, but Woodworth is just as compelling to watch when it's just him and an acoustic guitar. Sonically, Andrew is like an amalgamation of Eddie Vedder, Michael Jackson, Damien Rice and Stevie Wonder.
John Paul Jones once said of Andrew, "He's the best lyricist I have ever worked with." Jones discovered the talent in Los Angeles and produced an album for Andrew's then band, Elephant Ride. Fast forward a few years, and Andrew is now signed as a solo artist to Rodeostar in Germany. They'll be helping him record and promote an album in mainland Europe, but it should be noted that Andrew is available for signing in all other territories. His publishing is available for the world. Check Andrew's MySpace page to hear his version of the Beastie Boys classic "Fight For Your Right" -- all three Beasties heard the track and authorized its use for film/TV synchs, etc., -- a first for the Beastie Boys.