Wednesday, March 7, 2007

DENA DEADLY (unsigned, unpublished) -- If you close your eyes and listen to Dena Deadly's voice, you'd think it'd be coming out of the mouth of a 250 lb. black woman. As you can see from the photo above -- not the case. Dena grew up in Hollywood and started singing at an early age in gospel choirs. While she's been part of the internationally-lauded soul/funk/hip-hop collective Plantlife, Dena's now branching out on her own with her debut solo effort, The Mastery Of Love.
Produced by Jack Splash (Cee-Lo, Lauren Hill, John Legend), this record features songs seemingly ready-made for film and television placements, as well as Urban radio airplay.
Dena is an extremely seasoned writer, with a catalog of over 170 songs written. Her tune "I Don't Eva Wanna Stop" was nominated for BBC Radio One's "Song Of the Year" award. Dena recently won the ISC Songwriters Competition with her song "What We've Lost" (beating out over 16,000 other songs).
Dena and her band play out ...semi-frequently -- you can catch them on occasion at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica.

It'd be a shame if someone doesn't give this talented girl some guidance and take her into the mainstream. Check the MySpace page to hear some songs.