Saturday, March 3, 2007

ELIZABETH & THE CATAPULT -- (unsigned, unpublished, no management) -- The D.I.Y efforts of New York's Elizabeth & The Catapult are quite impressive -- their debut self-titled six-song CD has become a "Best Seller" at (the disc is currently sold-out there, but you can pick up the songs from iTunes). Extensive touring throughout the Northeast has garnered great press from the likes of The Boston Globe and In December of last year, NPR picked the band as one of their "Best Discoveries of 2006." If you're a fan of Norah Jones but you secretly get that creepy feeling of "God, I should be wearing elastic-waistband mom jeans" while you're listening to her, pick up some material from Elizabeth & The Catapult -- all the musical texture, tone and timelessness of Jones without the 'minivan, kids & Kool-Aid.' The band is busy recording a full-length album (on their own, of course!) but will play a show in New York on March 29 at Tonic -- check out their MySpace page to hear & read more!