Monday, April 30, 2007

THE CRIMEA, DROPPED FROM WARNER BROS., GIVES AWAY NEW ALBUM -- (story taken from -- After being dropped by Warner Music, The Crimea self-financed its sophomore album and will give it away for free as a digital download and hopes to make up the difference through touring, merchandise sales and licensing revenue. (The band is selling copies of the CD version.) I find it especially interesting that the publicists, marketers and radio promoters who will work the album have waived their fees in return for a share of future revenue. Secrets Of The Witching Hour will be released May 13th. (The Guardian)

A posting on the band's MySpace page:

"1. We are releasing the album FOR FREE, FOR ALL TIME on our website - - on May 13th.

2. You can also get the physical format (round disc, artwork, credits, a thanks list that pisses more people off than pleases) by pre-ordering copies from the shop link on our website, or in shops.

Maybe it's because we've lived with the idea for so long, but people don't quite 'get' the free idea. Chill out. There's no catch. It's the proper album, laboured over, loved and - occasionally - hated (but always because we'd been up for 48 hours and there wasn't any artichokes in Tesco's bargain section). It's the real deal, folks. For nothing. No catch. End of story."