Wednesday, April 11, 2007

TALENTfilter ARTIST UPDATE! Figured we'd take some time and fill you in on the haps of some of the acts we've written about over the past couple of months...

First up is Southern California's NHOI (Never Heard Of It). The band recently won the EA Games "Burnout Band Slam 2" competition -- they beat out over 9,000 other acts to win a Virgin Records demo deal and a possible song in an upcoming "Burnout" videogame. Go to the Burnout Bandslam MySpace page to read more.

Unsigned UK songstress Kate Walsh has topped the iTunes UK download chart -- knocking A-list acts such as Take That and Kaiser Chiefs out of the spot. She's sold over 6000 albums. Oliver Schusser, director of iTunes Europe said: "This is an incredible achievement when you consider Kate Walsh is unsigned and still outsold several major international artists."

L.A.-based singer/songwriter Andrew Paul Woodworth, who is unsigned outside of mainland Europe (and also still unpublished), is very close to wrapping up the recording of his album which will be released in Europe through RodeoStar Records.

Still-unsigned singer Jessie Baylin is opening for James Morrison at the Knitting Factory in New York tonight. Go see her you nimrods.

Press continues to build for NY-based band Elizabeth And The Catapult -- peep the mention in a recent Billboard mag.

Unsigned/unpublished singer/songwriter Meiko has been meeting with both major and independent publishers and labels Stateside. She is wrapping up recording her debut offering which looks as if it will be an 8-song mini-album. You can see her live at the Hotel Cafe on April 23.