Thursday, May 3, 2007

MORE MUSEXPO HIGHLIGHTS -- We caught the last night of showcases -- pretty decent stuff. Unfortunately missed the first act, Norwegian singer Marit Larsen, who by all accounts did quite well ...Up next was a set from London four-piece Apartment (signed to indie label Filthy Lucre). Pretty good show, actually -- they've got a couple of songs that could do well on radio Stateside and overseas ...Tiny Dancers, also from the UK (signed to Parlophone) played next --decked out in LOTS of polyester. Their 60's pop style was certainly refreshing -- They'd be a good tour opener for Mika (overheard one conference-goer calling them "Brady Buncharific") ...Super 700, an unsigned septet from Berlin featuring three SEXY singing sisters, impressed as well. the set grew a bit tiring after a while (could have been the drinks kicking in), but a band like this could have marginal success on the college/indie/hipster level -- get 'em a couple of on-screen appearances in U.S. TV shows and that could take them over the edge, perhaps. Ending the night was a performance from French singer SoShy, who has performed at previous MUSEXPO conferences. She's getting more and more comfortable onstage, and her new backing band features some real pros. SoShy is signed to Sony and is readying her debut LP for a Summer release.