Monday, June 18, 2007

BASIK LEE (unsigned, unpublished) -- There have been more than a few write-ups on blogs and in print publications (like this one in USA Today) about the decline of hip-hop music sales over the past year. Most stories mention that rap music has become homogenized. Too much 'bling and Crystal' for the white American youth who've been the larger buyers of hip-hop over the past decade or so. That being said, we figured we'd turn you on to a hip-hop artist that has a bit more thought-provoking content in his rhymes -- a bit more genuine vitriol, if you will. His name is Basik Lee and he hails from Savannah, GA. We're still trying to get more information about him, but what we do know is that he's part of a hip-hop collective / label called Dope Sandwich Productions. Dope Sandwich features nine MC's and two DJ's working together -- they released an album called The Walking Sick (available at CD Baby), but Basik has solo stuff too. Check his MySpace page to hear a couple of tracks. Check out the video that originally got us interested: