Friday, June 15, 2007

SIMON LYNGE (unsigned, unpublished) -- Simon Lynge is a singer/songwriter from Greenland, now residing in Los Angeles -- via Denmark. We'd mentioned him back in March as a performer-to-see in Austin at SXSW. Mr. Lynge has been a busy man since then -- his debut album, A Beautiful Way To Drown, was recently completed -- and with a helluva lineup of guest musicians to boot -- Lee Sklar (James Taylor, Elton John) on bass, Jay Bellerose (Marc Cohen, Madeleine Peyroux) on drums, Shane Fontayne (Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon) on guitars... Not sure about an exact release date, but it's DIY style for a while (except for a licensing deal he's done in Scandinavia). What's he sound like? Hmm... James Taylor, Elliott Smith and Paul Simon, blended, and poured into a frosty mug. Sorry -- thirsty. Peep the MySpace page -- you'll dig this guy -- and when the full-length is available, pick up a couple of copies and give 'em as gifts.