Tuesday, July 10, 2007

GAVIN CASTLETON (unsigned, unpublished) -- Wow. Lotsa talent here. Gavin Castleton is one of the more interesting artists we've come across in a while. Hailing from just north of Providence, RI, Gavin is the keyboardist and 1/2 vocalist for regional faves Gruvis Malt. It's his solo stuff and his production skills, however, that have won us over. What's he sound like? Think Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing) / Atmosphere / Sage Francis -- then you'll have an idea of what's up.

Here's what's particularly interesting about Gavin's work: His most recent EP, Hospital Hymns, is a five song narrative which chronicles a day of deliveries for an eccentric 76 year-old stockroom worker in a Rhode Island hospital. Random, right? Check out "Hymn 2: Women's Care" on his MySpace page. Just awesome.

The album prior to the Hospital Hymns EP, 2006's Grace Land, features lyrics transcribed from interviews with a Staples Office Supply Superstore worker. Like...wha??? Check out the song called "The Wedding" (also onthe MySpace page). Sick.

While Gavin isn't the best vocalist in the world, honestly, his material certainly warrants some serious attention. Gavin's new album, For The Love Of Pete, is, "a collection of songs inspired by and written for the dame that made his heart twitter from 2000-2007." We've heard some songs. Tasty.