Wednesday, August 15, 2007

STAR 98.7 ROCKSTAR SEACH FINALISTS ANNOUNCED -- Los Angeles' Modern A/C station KYSR (Star 98.7) has named the five finalists in their recently launched "Star 98.7 RockStar Search"...

The five local groups include Zanzibar Lewis, Drew Bray, Kat'l-ist, Garvy J and Brooke White.

Zanzibar Lewis singer Suzanne Santo has a sexy, smoky voice on top of her stunning good looks. Good stuff -- looking forward to hearing more...

Drew Bray is OK -- seems a bit generic... He may need a few more years before we take him seriously...

The song on Kat'l-ist's MySpace page, "Give You My Life" is a big fat Hot A/C hit. Seriously. Syrupy-sweet, hooky, just enough guitar to keep it out of rotation (for a while) in your nearest doctor's office...Some label should sign them and immediately change that horrible name -- seriously -- why make it hard on the soccer moms trying to find the disc at Wal-Mart? Or God forbid the problem they'll have trying to figure out how to correctly type Kat'l-ist into the iTunes seach function. Oof.

Garvy J

Brooke White his SUPER hot, but her voice is so-so...

All the acts will perform live for an audience and a panel of judges at the Key Club in Los Angeles on Friday (Aug. 17). The grand prize winner gets $25,000 in cash and a record deal from Keifer Sutherland's Ironworks Music label.

Here are the odds we're offering up:

Kat'l-ist -- 2-1
Zanzibar Lewis -- 3-1
Brooke White -- 5-1
Garvy J -- 10-1
Drew Bray -- 20-1