Thursday, January 10, 2008

The pink was startin' to bug us, to be honest. Time to mix it up a little bit. Please do check out some of the acts we've got featured in that widget down there on the right -- can't hurt to click on a couple of acts any support them by buying their MP3's right? Anyway, here are a couple new artists we've come across lately. Love to hear what you think about 'em.

REBEKAH LEBEAU (unsigned, unpublished, no management) – 26 year-old L.A.-based singer/songwriter Rebekah LeBeau recently put up a MySpace page featuring three newly-recorded songs – all three are GREAT, hooky, radio-friendly hits. No shit. Word has it she’s got more written and is in the process of getting them tracked – we’ll keep you posted, but remember where you heard about this girl first! Seriously, tweak the production a bit and tell me you can't hear these songs all over Hot/Modern A/C radio. Sign her up, silly rabbits!!

FIRE IN CAIRO (unsigned, unpublished) – L.A./Orange County, CA - based four-piece Fire In Cairo has been garnering some regular love from local ‘World Famous’ Alt-outlet KROQ – and no, they’re not a Cure cover band. It’s early days on the development front, but they’ve got three demo tracks posted on their MySpace page that are quite good. Connect these guys in with the right producer, keep them out on the road for a bit and you just might have yourself a successful new Alt-Rock act with U.S. AND U.K. appeal!