Monday, March 3, 2008

WBCN BOSTON GOES BACK TO THE '90S: From AllAccess -- Alternativ(ish) WBCN Boston announces the return of the "WBCN River Rave" on June 1st at the Tweeter Center with (seriously) Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, Everlast, Pennywise and more to be announced. What the shit?! Who's the "more" gonna be, Spacehog? Tracy Bonham? Primitive Radio Gods? Geez, ya think Geggy Tah is available? Maybe Edwyn Collins?

Anyway, the other cool thing they're bringing back is the 30th annual "WBCN Rock N Roll Rumble" -- 24 local bands will compete for a whole-bunch-of- stuff-that-helps-bands-out and a spot on that 90's-rific stage. Last year's winner was Township.

Harvey Danger maybe? Cornershop? What's Ruth Ruth doin' these days? OK we'll stop.