Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TALENTPHILADELPHIA -- Team TALENTfilter will be representin' in Philly this week at the 8th annual NON-COMMvention ...While we won't be there to spot unsigned talent, we'll be shaking hands with some of the most forward-thinking and adventurous radio programmers in the U.S. The Non-Comm guys are really the true music fans in radio and they can get away with supporting and championing up-and-coming talent...

This is where labels should be sending their A&R reps. We're going on our own dime 'cuz we know how valuable these relationships are.

Hey, that being said, we'd love to entertain conversations with labels looking to put some 'scouts-in-the-know' on the payroll -- we'll gladly sell out -- have a look at the list of acts we've featured prior to their signing (to the right, in red) -- we've done good so far, huh! Hit us up at TALENTfilter@gmail.com