Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SAN FRAN ALT-OUTLET ANNOUNCES LOCAL BAND STAGE AT SUMMER FESTIVAL -- Alternative KITS (Live 105) San Francisco will host their annual "BFD" concert at the Shoreline Amphitheatre on June 6 - the concert features 35 acts on four seperate stages.

Their 'Soundcheck Local Band Stage' will showcase nine acts - MC Lars, alt-popsters Music For Animals (unsigned - our favorite of the bunch!), Wallpaper (signed to Eenie Meenie), Odawas (signed to jajaguwar), Dizzy Balloon (unsigned - "The Beatles on Wellbutrin" - Kevin Bronson, buzzbands.la), The Catholic Comb (signed to Bright Antenna), Ambience (unsigned, for fans of the mellower side of Dredg), Solid State Logic (unsigned 'Red State Rock' ala Breaking Benjamin) and Fighting The Villain (female-fronted rock ala Paramore, signed to indie PopSmear and in desperate need of a stylist).

Live 105 MD Aaron Axelsen and the rest of the programming staff there always do a great job of curating this stage - definitely worth looking into this year's acts!!