Saturday, April 11, 2009

VERONICA LEIGH (unsigned, unpublished) -- Originally from California, 24 year-old Veronica Leigh has been cutting her teeth on the Nashville circuit for a little while now ...She might be the first Country artist we've written about here, but our reasoning is - we have a strong feeling this girl will cross over into other formats as time goes by and as she continues to develop.

She's got one of the best voices we've heard in quite some time, she writes basic yet timeless, hooky country songs, and she's (obvz) got FANTASTIC style - as one tipster described her - "a Countryfied Katy Perry"...

Veronica has been approached by a few labels, but she's continuing to take meetings ...Hit us up directly for more information - or contact her directly and make like you discovered her on your own like you always do ;)