Sunday, February 27, 2011

TALENTfilter Developing Artist Update

It's one thing to tip you to a new artist and then move on to the next, but we also like to keep you updated on what these developing artists are busy with - in case you initially heard their music and wanted to "wait until the story develops a bit."

Today we looked back at a few of the acts we'd written about many moons ago and put together this little update for you!

L.A. band Pan America (featured on 2/23/07) is still out there hustling, and while they're not doing a very good job of keeping their online presence updated, they've recently recorded a new EP. You can hear the tracks on their MySpace Page (Highlight track is "Will We Ever Learn").

The House Harkonnen (featured on 3/28/07), also continuing to plug away, have released two more EPs since being featured. They had a development deal with Atlantic, but it seems as if that's not the sitch anymore. If you like everything Dave Grohl does, this band will give you a boner.

Eighteen year-old singer Tori Kelly (featured on 6/24/07) is still unsigned and unpublished. She auditioned for American Idol in 2010 and made it to 'Hollywood Week', but didn't get to the 'Top 24' cut. This girl's voice is SICK. Check out her YouTube page to hear her sing some covers.

New York singer-songwriter Lionel Neykov (featured on 1/13/08), about whom we'd written, "...has the potential to be a song-licensing ANIMAL", had his track "Freeze My Senses" licensed by a Spanish ad agency for $20,000 after they discovered him on YouTube. Lionel now has management, but is still unsigned and unpublished.

Diana Pops (featured on 11/28/08) has picked up management and self-released an EP titled For Bright Minds in Dark Corners on Feb. 22. This Winnipeg-based singer's music is fantastic - for fans of Norah Jones and Sarah McLachlan. Labels should take note - Diana's music appeals to adults - you know - the people who still buy music. Publishers - she's a sync licensing dream. Check out her Facebook page to hear the EP. Still unsigned/unpublished but apparently there is some label interest brewing...

Are you an artist we've written about in the past? Hit us up at and let us know what you're up to!