Friday, March 4, 2011


AIR DUBAI (unsigned, unpublished) -- Go ahead - Listen to Air Dubai and tell us it wouldn't work on the radio. We dare you. This seven-piece Denver-based group recently won Alternative KTCL Denver's "Hometown For the Holidays" contest and their song "Restless Youth" has received over 30 spins on the station so far this year. At its core, Air Dubai is hip-hop, but these guys can SING, too, boy! They've got organic instrumentation layered over the top of everything which makes their music more accessible to Alternative and Pop fans. Air Dubai owns their masters and publishing, and they've got two shows coming up in Austin during SXSW - put them on your lists, dummies:

March 18 - Peckerheads - 9:00PM
March 19 - Dizzy Rooster - 10:00PM