Wednesday, March 9, 2011


STONE DARLING (unsigned, unpublished) -
Stone Darling is an all-girl L.A.-based four-piece that will soon be popping up on the music industry radar if they haven't already. A recent feature in NYLON Magazine has certainly helped create awareness, as has their seemingly non-stop performance schedule in the L.A. area (these ladies play everywhere from The Echo to The Bootleg to tiny boutique fashion stores). Local college radio stations including KCSN and KXLU are showing early support - we can only imagine KCRW will be next.

What do they sound like? Think Mazzy Star-meets-Mamas & Papas. They'll be self-releasing an EP later this month, and they'll have promo samplers with them in Austin during SXSW (see our SXSW list below for details on their showcases). Their MySpace page is HERE and their Facebook page is HERE.

Have a look/listen to their cover of the Funkadelic track "Can You Get To That":