Friday, April 1, 2011


HEARTSTOP (unsigned, unpublished) -- Had a chance to catch this band at The Roxy in Los Angeles last night. More than anything else, what impressed us was the raw enthusiasm of the bandmembers - they genuinely wanted to be there and their energy translated.

Three young guys, no older than 21, SoCal-based, been playing/writing together since they were kids, writing really strong pop/rock tracks. They're certainly not re-inventing the wheel, sound-wise, but what they've got now as a young indie unsigned group is strong. The songs are very sync-friendly, and definitely radio-ready - KROQ Los Angeles has been playing one of their new tracks, "Just Like Goodbye", on their 'Locals Only' program for a few weeks in a row.

With some A&R coaching and some serious road time, this band could be a force.