Thursday, February 15, 2007

BORNE (unsigned outside of AU, unpublished) -- Back in December, our good friend Alex Luke from iTunes played a song called "Souls On Satellite" on his "iTunes At 2" program (airing on Los Angeles Alt-outlet Indie 103-1 every Friday at 2 PM) from a Melbourne, Australia-based band called Borne. Well, right now, as a first, iTunes has made the Borne track available as a free download -- worldwide. People overseas using iTunes UK, AU, etc. can get this song for free as well as U.S. iTunes users. The band is signed to an indie label in Australia but don't have much else going on in terms of'll be very interesting to see how many folks download the song worldwide -- and how many of them then purchase the album! Coldplay/Snow Patrol-ish, fer sure. Here's the MySpace link. Have fun.