Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BRIAN WRIGHT & THE WACO TRAGEDIES - (unsigned, unpublished) -- Last night, after a great set by the legendary Patty Griffin and a jaw-dropping performance from L.A. local Meiko, another band-a-buzzing from Los Angeles took the stage at the Hotel CafĂ©. Brian Wright & The Waco Tragedies. Here’s a bit of a visual -- if you’ve ever been to this venue, you know how small the stage is. Well, Brian jammed a drummer, two guitarists, a pianist, a standup bassist, a clarinet player, trumpet player, and a backup singer onstage for what was one of the best shows we’ve seen in a very long time. Really tough to nail down what his sound is. Americana? Bluegrass? Maybe. Folk? Eh. Bayou blues-rock? Possibly. Does he stray from TALENTfilter’s rule of writing about artists with mass appeal potential? Not at all – this is music you’ll be putting on mix CD’s and giving as gifts. For real. Check the band's MySpace page and decide for yourself. Brian is the guitarist in singer/songwriter Joe Purdy’s band (last night Purdy returned the favor on guitar/mandolin for Brian). Honestly, though? With all the hype surrounding Joe Purdy’s brilliance, and with respect, we think Brian and his Waco Tragedies stand head and shoulders above anything we’ve seen Purdy do on his own.