Monday, February 12, 2007

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH -- (unsigned, unpublished) -- We're closeted metalheads here at TALENTfilter. GOOD metal, though. Well-written, well-produced tracks with good song structure, brutal guitars, intense drumming, actual melody ...REAL metal. FFDP is an L.A.-based five-piece that brings all of those qualities to the table. Singer Ivan was in Motograter... Drummer Jeremy is so precise on the skins he sells drum loop discs as a side gig. Guitarist Darrell toured with W.A.S.P. for over six years. These guys are professionals. They know the drill. The band will release their debut album, The Way Of The Fist, on April 3 through their manager's indie label, American Royalty. This is "Red State Metal" which will do just as well throughout mainland Europe. Sign 'em up, people. Here's a link to their MySpace page. Hold those metal horns high! (**UPDATE -- FFDP will play the Knitting Factory in L.A. on Feb. 28)