Monday, March 26, 2007

DEARBORN -- (unsigned, unpublished, available for booking) -- Take of your "hipster hat" for a second and spend some time with the music from Chicago's Dearborn. It's the type of stuff that might trigger a snobby snicker from your 20 year-old A&R scout in this week's music meeting, but if you're running a major label and have an understanding of the music-buying marketplace, you'll immediately see the marketability of a band like Dearborn. They're currently the #4 Unsigned artist on the Purevolume website. They performed in front of a sell-out crowd at The Metro this week, which they played in support of their debut Always In Disguise LP (being released independently through their own Sideways 8 Records). Ryan Manno, from tastemaker Alt-outlet Q101 Chicago says of Always In Disguise, "I love the record ...It's very energetic and it makes me feel good which is the point..." Richard Milne of Chicago's AAA WXRT says, "This band has it all...crunchy guitars, great percussion, and incredible vocals. Dearborn is absolutely fantastic! You're gonna love them."
The songs featured on their MySpace page show two separate sides of Dearborn -- "Always In Disguise" and "Already Down" shine some light on the obvious influence from Angel Dust-era Faith No More and Incubus -- "Work For You" and "U Turn" are much poppier and show the band's potential to write songs that would be better suited for Hot/Modern A/C radio. Even WE get a little squirmy about those two songs -- there's almost an eery Loverboy/Rick Springfield quality to them -- but ready-made for soccer moms looking to 'rock out' -- that's for SHIT sure!
Dearborn is open to speaking with labels about licensing opportunities. They've been in talks with some publishers as well, but what they'd really like is to connect with a booking agent who can get them on the road. Check the MySpace page for tuneage.