Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Normaly the mantra here at TALENTfilter is to try our best to turn major labels and publishers on to artists that we feel have immediate mass appeal. There are still artists that benefit from the 'old school' methodology that the majors use to create awareness of new acts. We do come across acts, however, that are super talented, but would best benefit from the slow-and-steady artist development that a smaller indie label (and publisher) has the ability to provide. So here are a couple. Enjoy!

VIRGO LOVES CANCER (unsigned, unpublished, no management) -- Fans of bands like Loop, My Bloody Valentine and Medicine will immediately take a liking to New Jersey trio Virgo Loves Cancer. Fronted by the stunning singer/songwriter/bassist/Virgo Charlie Kindred, NME describes their sound as being like, "...the tunes Primal Scream made before discovering devil dust, only fronted by an asthmatic fairy." The band's debut EP is available on iTunes, and CDBaby.
Virgo Loves Cancer will perform at the Cutting Room in NYC on April 26 at 11PM. Go see 'em -- if for no other reason than to meet the band -- super super nice kids. Expect a bevvy of industry-types to be standing in the back, fiddling with Blackberries.

COLORFORMS (unsigned, unpublished, no management) -- (...We ripped this review directly off their MySpace page 'cuz it nails it completely...) "Colorforms is a Los Angeles-area band featuring the ethereal voice of Alex Lilly (You might recognize Ms. Lilly as one of the backup singers in buzz band du jour The Bird And The Bee). In a crowded field of sometimes-electronic chanteuse/auteurs (see also Bjork, Feist, Cibelle, Colleen, Psapp, etc), Lilly's subversive songwriting, patient composition and impressive production announce an artist to be reckoned with." The group's track, "Nothing Can Come Between Us" has started garnering airplay on local L.A. radio outlet Indie 103.1 -- peep the trippy video HERE.