Saturday, January 26, 2008

JOHNNY LLOYD ROLLINS (unsigned, unpublished) -- TALENTfilter is up in Park City Utah doing some 'Sundancing' -- and we're SO psyched to have seen Dallas' Johnny Lloyd Rollins perform with his band, The All Nighters (arguably Dallas' best musicians). This was SERIOUSLY A+ stuff.

Imagine a young, super-good-looking guitarist/frontman with a voice that's a melding of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Paul McCartney, and ...erm...that dude from Train. Backed up by the BEST Led Zeppelin cover band you've ever heard in your life. We mean that in the most overly-complimentary of ways.

Johnny's album, Let's Get Poor Together, features some really well-written songs with multi-format radio potential (and by that we mean AAA, Hot and Modern A/C, Top 40, and even Country)...

So let's see: Great band with great songs, good-looking singer, fantastic live show and more radio-friendly than half the crap currently being serviced to radio (have you looked at FMQB's "Available For Airplay" list lately? Who the hell is SIGNING this garbage??)

We heard a new star last night and his name is Johnny Lloyd Rollins. This guy will be signed before the Summer. Get on it.

(If you're still at Sundance, he's doing a show today [1/26] at the Star Bar on Main Street at 4:30)