Thursday, January 24, 2008

Q+A W/5FDP -- We had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite bands we'd tipped you to in the past -- Five Finger Death Punch. ...Alright, who are we kidding -- we didn't catch up with them -- the band's PR people forwarded our questions on to them. Still, though, they were cool enough to answer them, so here's where we do the ol' cuttin' an' pastin':

When we came across your album in early '07, you guys were pretty much living in the DIY world. As we watch more and more bands decide to NOT renew their contracts with their respective record labels, what was appealing to you guys about potentially singing to a label?

I cant really speak for other bands choosing not to renew. I can tell you that we choose to sign with The Firm because of who they are and how truly excited they were to work 'with' us. We are extremely fortunate to have a unique relationship with The Firm that you really wont find elsewhere.

What, specifically, about The Firm was the most appealing to you?

For me personally, it was not only their reputation but the energy and excitement they presented to us from day one.

Some say that having a label also acting as your manager is a conflict of interest. No checks & balances, etc. Why were you OK with entering into an arrangement like this with The Firm?

'Some' say things all the time. I think what's important to understand is that if you enter the conversation with concerns of 'checks and balances', you're in a negative arena mentally. I think its crucial to work with people and share a mutual respect. We work together with Label and Management. It's in everyone's best interest to work towards the same goal and in doing so, we help each other instead of fighting for power.

What are some of the things The Firm has done for you so far in your relationship that impress you?

I am most impressed by their commitment to 5FDP. They are an extremely talented group of people who do everything they say they will and more. The door is always open and we have the ability to converse (about) any topic 24/7. I really couldn't have asked for more in Label/Management.

While the TALENTfilter blog is read mainly by music business executives, we do have some aspiring artists as regular readers. What kind of advice could you give them regarding what to look for or what to watch out for when being approached by a record label?

Well, do your homework first. It is imperative that if given choices for labels, you deal with the correct label for your project. I have seen a lot of artists going for the biggest bang when what you really need is a group who truly understands your genre and is the "right fit" for what you trying to achieve.
Are you still available for publishing? If so, what are you looking for in a potential publisher?

I can't comment on that at this time.

Tell us briefly what lies ahead for 5FDP in 2008.

2008 will be a huge year for 5FDP. We're doing some new videos, and writing some new material. We're so excited to be touring again this summer -- it's like a race horse waiting for the gate to open. We have such an amazing fan base (the KNUCKLEHEADS) who make the shows truly amazing. It's what FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is all about. True metal, amazing energy, solid shows and as corny as it sounds, GOOD TIMES!!!