Tuesday, January 22, 2008

STACY CLARK (unsigned, unpublished) -- Take Björk, Dolores O'Riordan, Imogen Heap and Lisa Loeb, stick 'em all on a deserted island, "Lost"-style, with the two dudes from The Postal Service and maybe the kids from OneRepublic or The Fray, let 'em all run around naked, singing and writing, writing and singing, and the sonic outcome would probably sound similar to the music heard on Stacy Clark's debut full-length Apples & Oranges. This Buffalo, NY native, now residing in Orange County, CA, is gearing up for a spring/summer West coast tour, and we wanted to make sure you're aware of her material. Really great stuff -- super-syncable, catchy as hell. Check her MySpace page for a couple of songs, but pick up her album from iTunes as well -- there are some gems on there, fer realzies. You can catch Stacy on our HunnyPot friends' radio show (www.hunnypotunlimited.com) on Jan. 28, and if you live in SoCal, she'll perform at the Hotel Cafe on Jan. 31.