Friday, April 11, 2008

91X-FEST IN SAN DIEGO SPOTLIGHTS GREAT UNSIGNED ACTS -- Alternative 91X San Diego announced their “X-Fest” lineup today…this year the concert will take place May 16 at Concerts on the Green at Qualcomm. Mainstage headliners include, well, exactly who you’d expect – Offspring, Pennywise, Jimmy Eat World, Ludo and My American Heart

The Revolt Magazine-sponsored "Loudspeaker SD Side Stage" features some quality local talent worth checking out:

The Material -- Female-fronted rock ...not as squeaky-clean as Paramore, but not as dark as Flyleaf. What we've heard could be spun on any Alt-station out there.

Weatherbox -- Signed to indie label Doghouse, these guys sound a bit like they were part of the Cold War Kids' fraternity.

The Burning Of Rome -- This band intrigues the shit out of us - they're a seven-piece outfit, and while they might live on the same sonic block as the Polyphonic Spree, they leave you with a lingering feeling that at any point, they're gonna launch into some crazy death metal jam-session and light the stage on fire. Or, they're gonna drop it down a notch and sing you to sleep with a lullaby. Remember the feeling you had when you started delving into some of the deeper solo material that Mike Patton was putting together in his early post-Faith No More days? Not as ENTIRELY carnival-wacky as Mr. Bungle, but close? THAT'S what The Burning Of Rome reminds us of.

The Sess -- We've only heard one song from this band -- good stuff if you like noisy, trebly melodic punk

Shark Attack -- DJ duo Patrick Heaney and Mike Delgado bring it to ya ala MSTRKRFT, LCD Soundsystem and Justice.