Monday, April 7, 2008

A&R WANKFEST - TWO HOURS TOO SOON -- It was a 'who's who' (or should we say 'snooze snooze') of record biz geniuses lined up in the way-back of L.A.'s Hotel Cafe tonight to see Erin McCarley (seriously, like, even the CFO of one particular company was up in that place on his Crackberry) ...But they were, of course, about two hours too early, as the show they should've seen was from Cali girl Lex Land ...Yes, Erin is talented, and hot, but her songs aren't relatable. It's simple psychology - girls won't like Erin because she's hotter than them and her songs won't hit that special place in their soul that makes them listen over and over. Guys will like her, but they sure-as-shit won't buy her CD. Lex, on the other hand, is kinda like the girl you work with in your college cafeteria who happens to have an absolutely AMAZING voice and writes songs that you listen to, by yourself, at home - over and over and over again. Hey maybe we're wrong, here, but if labels are shooting for a 'Sarah Bareilles only hotter', then they REALLY need to re-assess.